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I have been using the FREE version of SMARTDD to deliver my pizza book.It is a great product and I was going to feature it at some point on this site as a product to review. I am writing this early because they have a price special for a short time that anyone in Internet Marketing should know about.You need to go to and check it out now. You will not be sorry.I can also tell you another thing that when it comes to Internet Marketing Frank Haywood is someone you need in your foxhole to help you succeed .I will be writting a better endorsement soon. For now check out You will be glad you did.

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    It has been sometime since my last post.FAMILY ISSUE.I am back now with a vengence.I have learned alot more on starting a work at home business and the tools you need for success.Make sure this a regular stop on your quest for knowledge as I will be adding new information and resources regularly.I found a great tool to help newbies like myself with writting and making a nice looking post. I am not using it now but will on any future posts.Also, I will let you know where to get it for FREE.I have a pitch for a product that any sales will go into the “law” fund. Here it is— There is no greater emotional pain that can be inflicted on someone than your partner saying they don’t love you anymore.You have been rejected, and it’s just about the most hurtful thing you”ll ever face.(until you go to court that is)Things can get nasty especially if kids are involved.THIS MIGHT HELP

    DIVORCE GUIDES-There is Help Getting Through

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    This is another good resource to use. You can learn how to create order-taking ,money-making Websites in 7 days or less.Make sure you at least look at this. FREE “step by step” video guides covering everything you need to know to get started. On the next post I will cover Domain Names and Web Hosting.

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    I am going to share with you what could be the most important person that will help get you started to your online riches.Kevin Rohan is his name. He gives you the “Step by Step” information you need to get your online business started.No bull, no hype just the straight forward information you need.Follow this link now and you will thank me later. This will BLOW your socks off

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    I was going to keep writing about all the top ten ripoff artists but I changed my mind. You need to get started if you want to start making money with Internet Marketing. The first thing you need to do is learn some HTML coding.I do not mean study for years to build Web Sites. You will need to understand some basics to be able to start making money. I am going to put in some links to some really good resources.


    SiteProNews - The Webmaster Resource Site Html Tutorials

    Check this site out for some really helpful books on learning coding. I use some of the books they sell but I have gotten them from Amazon. The site to goto is

    Check them out and let me know what you think.


    I had my first major ripoff on a you will never see this page again.I fell for it.I paid 197.00 dollars for a bunch of garbage. Most of my 197.00 investment ,I later found for FREE. I will call this person MOTHER F**KER for short. Once I figured out it was a RIP-OFF I asked for my money back. I emailed MF like ten times never got any response.He is one of the “BIG” guys that every body always tries to jump on the bandwagon with.Most of these guys are a bunch of “COPY CATS”. I will talk about this at a later date.I will tell you never fall for this “You will only see this offer once”. If the product is that GOOD why would they only offer it to you once?I never buy anything anymore when I get one of those pages. You should think twice about it yourself.If you really want to learn “how” to do this business then take some time to train yourself. This is all I am writing about for now. I will tell you more about MF the rip-off master later. He makes me sick and a lot of these internet people try to kiss his a** just because they think they will get ahead somehow. Well F**K Them. Talk with you soon.


    I told you that I am lacking on the Tech side. Nothing fancy here and maybe not in the perfect grammatical form.Thats all I am going to say about that.I am  still trying to figure out  wordpress and make it look pretty.This theme was  copied  from a free download I found.I am surprised I got it to work. This guy seems to be OK, have not bought the book yet because of lack of funds. I am going to soon.Sorry about the site ,I am still trying to figure this out.I may be dumb on somethings but I am smart on others.Like not letting these jerks rip me off any more.I have spent so much money trying all the crap I have found that I am embarrassed.SAVE YOUR MONEY none of these people are going to make you rich. They make money off of stupid people like me that think they will.I may ramble on at times but what the hell.I am still trying to figure out how to make this work.My next post will be about my first rip-off. See you soon.


    INTERNET MARKETING- INTERNET MARKETING- INTERNET MARKETING. YOU, yes YOU,You can make it big, get rich, quit your job, retire,take that ultimate vaction then buy your dream house. BUY ME. BUY THIS. BUY THAT. Then guess what? You guessed it “Hocus Pocus“and “Abracadabra “your money is GONE.Now it’s back to work to pay your credit card bill’s for the empty promises and get rich quick hype.STOP THE MADNESS!YES,you heard me STOP THE MADNESS! I am here to talk about my experiences in trying to market my product on the internet and what I have learned the “hard” way. I am going try to help anyone I can avoid the pitfalls I have had and still do. Also, I will write about all the fraud and BULLS**** you will experience if you are trying to break into Internet Marketing.I started on Feb 2006 and have learned alot. I still suck on the technical end,but can get it done after a few hours of trial and error.Trying to find someone who will really tell you “HOW TO DO IT” when you only have a little money to spend is not easy.By chance I have stumbled across a few good people out here that will really help you.I will be sharing with you the good ones I have found so far. My journey started with an idea I had about making the “BEST” pizza you have ever tasted at home.These recipes took me more than thirty years to perfect.By chance my son had a friend who is savay about this stuff and he built a website for me. He did a great job and worked very hard on it for very little compensation.So far I have been doing very well. I have gotten good rankings on the major search engines.Sales have been good but not great.Check out my site.
    Make Pizza Like A Pro Pizza Secrets

     This is where the story begins…………Tune in